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NBI researcher co-authors groundbreaking Solar simulation

A recent result on producing synthetic Coronal Mass Ejections, which lead to solar storms, recently appeared in the prestigious scientific journal 'Nature' (Physics). Scientist Dr. Klaus Galsgaard who co-authored the publication has done ground-breaking work within the topic of magnetic reconnection and magnetohydrodynamic modelling of the Sun.

The Nature Physics paper was released in November '12.


Large image: A supercomputer model of the global magnetic field of the Sun. Inset: a flaring active region arises in connection with the explosion that produces a coronal mass ejection. The inset is a blend of the computer image and observed image.

"The modeling of these processes that release extreme amounts of magnetic energy and relativistic particles is central: If we are to better understand, quantify, perhaps perhaps even predict, solar storms that can affect Earth's local space environment.", says Klaus Galsgaard (NBI).