Master's Thesis Defense by Sigurd Sigersen Jensen – Niels Bohr Institute - University of Copenhagen

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Master's Thesis Defense by Sigurd Sigersen Jensen

The Formation of Stars:

- Dynamics of star formation in a molecular cloud environment


Star formation is a central part of astrophysics and the process have been studied extensively for decades, usually through simplified calculations of the collapse of an isolated sphere. In this work I employ a different approach and study models of accreting protostars with dynamic accretion rates in a turbulent molecular cloud environment. The protostellar evolution is simulated using the stellar evolution code MESA and the models feature a parametric description of the thermal efficiency of the accretion shock near the protostellar surface. Accretion rates are obtained from a 3D MHD simulation of a molecular cloud patch.

I will describe the differences between accreting and non-accreting protostellar models and discuss the implications of the heterogenous accretion process.

I will present results which indicate that accreting protostellar models is a likely solution to the longstanding problem of the observed luminosity spread in young stellar clusters.

Supervisor: Troels Haugbølle