Master's Thesis Defense by Nichlas Sølvtofte and Frederik Clemmensen – Niels Bohr Institute - University of Copenhagen

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Master's Thesis Defense by Nichlas Sølvtofte and Frederik Clemmensen

Developing a scalable solar storm modelling framework

In this thesis we present a method for simultaneously simulating a plasma through the magneto-hydrodynamic (MHD) approximation and the particlein-cell (PIC) approximation in different parts of the same setup, making the two models interact with each other through the Dispatch framework while using individual time steps as needed by each part. Our work is the first attempt at taking particle effects into account in an evolving large-scale MHD simulation by inserting a smaller-scale PIC volume. Through a simple flux tube experiment and a more advanced bright point experiment we show that a setup with communicating patches with different models and time steps is possible, allowing for an efficient overall MHD simulation with a detailed PIC description where needed. The experiments show that there is an issue at the boundaries between the two models. This is most likely caused by the sharp transition from MHD to PIC in places with different behavior, and might be resolved by making the transition smoother, with additional PIC-patches surrounding that place.

Supervised by
Klaus Galsgaard, Jacob T. Frederiksen & Åke Nordlund