Astrophysics & Planetary Science – Niels Bohr Institute - University of Copenhagen

The research of the Astrophysics and Planetary Science Group addresses some central questions in the evolution of matter in the Universe; How do stars form? How do planets form and evolve? Under which conditions might life emerge and evolve?


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  • Bachelors Defense: Thue Christian Thann Nikolajsen og Tobias Særkjær

    • 25-06-2018
    • Lattice Mismatch in SAG-Interfaces

  • Simons Lecture: Charles Bennett (1)

    • 25-06-2018
    • The information revolution is based on what a physicist would call a classical view of information.  Quantum effects were long regarded as a mere nuisance for information processing, preventing information in microscopic objects from being observed or copied accurately, but are now known to make possible feats like quantum cryptography and, if a quantum computer can be built, dramatic speedups of some computations.


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